Rainbow Valentine Studios is a podcast studio specializing in narrative documentary, aka biopods (biographical podcasts), and scripted narratives that advance the Downfall of Evil. We believe the narrative podcast is the modern stories-around-the-campfire and invite you to cozy up to our virtual campfire, grab a s’more and enjoy our stories.


Thessaly Lerner, The Ukulady, aka Rainbow Valentine, is a multi-media storyteller who’s been working in the audio industry since 1998 as a voiceover actress, director, producer, editor, musician, songwriter and sound designer. She has created, developed and written for JibJab.com, Village Roadshow Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks and more.

Rainbow Valentine Studios, launched in 2020, works with a handful of awesome audio specialists who were once band, choir and theater kids and have ears like cobras! Cool!