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Disorganized Crime: Smuggler's Daughter

There are several branches of the hippie family tree, aka the psychedelic pioneers, who created the world-famous counter culture: the musicians, the poster artists, the roadies, the communes, the pot smugglers. This series is about the pot smugglers of the hippie family tree, which happens to be where my roots lie.

In 2017 I drove past a billboard in LA advertising pot delivery via app, and I realized that the youth of today had no idea that delivering pot used to be one of the most dangerous jobs in America. ...

In 1986 I was a middle schooler and unbeknownst to me, my parents had been successful pot smugglers for almost 20 years, when suddenly everything changed: America’s mandatory minimum drug laws for pot (and other schedule 1 drugs) were legislated, transforming my family’s entire way of life as consequences for smuggling pot went from a few months in jail to 20+ years in prison and even the death penalty.

I thought my dad was just a “business man” and my mom just a painter, and like most kids, I was obsessed with Indiana Jones in the 1980s and would often dig for treasure in my backyard; in fact, there was a million dollars in cash buried in our yard, but I didn’t dig up the truth of my psychedelic pioneer parents, our community of counter-culture smugglers and my true childhood until I made this podcast in 2019.

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Rainbow Valentine is co-executive producer, writer, host and showrunner of this series and is currently developing a TV show with Village Roadshow inspired by this story.

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