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The Best Day of My Life: Patch Adam's Journey to the Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

When I found out my friend’s dad was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, I knew we had to tell the true story of Patch Adams, not the Hollywood version.

I met Lars and Patch Adams at Wavy Gravy’s Camp Winnarainbow, where all the artsy hippies go in the summer. Lars was my improv student....

In 2021, Dr. Patch Adams was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This 10 part narrative series dives deep with the real Patch Adams as his son Lars unpacks how his famous dad went from suicidal teen to humanitarian peaceworker recognized by the world’s most respected peace prize institution, the Nobel Prize committee.

A relentless optimist and disgustingly happy revolutionary for love, joy and peace, Patch and Lars’s hilarious, poignant and compelling conversations take listeners on Patch’s journey from awkward, emotionally unstable teen to revolutionary medical student to hippie commune visionary to clown-doctor to Hollywood film subject-hood to war-torn countries where Patch brings relief from suffering through his humanitarian clown trips and more.

Is peace boring? Not when a goat scrotum pot-stash pouch is involved.

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Our peace offering to listeners-in-need-of-hopeful-inspiration this series was produced pro gratis by Thessaly Lerner, Stuart Hooper, Ryan Reeves, Lars Adams, Rainbow Valentine, Patch Adams and Derek Busby. Logo by Jason Holtschneider.


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